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I can see clearly now the Cheney’s gone

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From Wired:

A new VP moves into the VP house, and Google gets higher quality satellite images of said house. Google claims there is no politicking going on here, they just now finally got a clear, non-pixelated aerial image of a giant swathe of property within one of the country’s major urban areas. 

Whether or not the devious and malfeasant Cheney ever personally said “hey don’t let Google Earth show pictures of my house!” is something I won’t expound on, but this could be a good example of flak/sourcing in action in the Google culture. The information, in this case pictures of the VP’s house, was always available and was never “news,” but someone somewhere decided that this information shouldn’t be fully available to the public. Google wants to make the information free but they couldn’t  bypass the source: the images were, presumably, given to Google as pixellated. Google isn’t creating information, just distributing it, so the information it distributes is necessarily subject to the flak and priorities of the source.


Written by Tyler Baber

January 27, 2009 at 7:44 pm

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