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Google and the Future of the News

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Peter Osnos suggests a creative solution to the newspaper revenue problem: make Google pay for clickthroughs to news.

“The notion that “information wants to be free” is absurd when the delivery mechanism is making a fortune and the creators are getting what amounts to zilch,” he says. That’s the money quote; Google IS making a fortune by delivering content. The question remains, though: should Google be punished for succeeding where the newspapers fail? Google makes its fortune via its ad network, meanwhile ad revenues (online or print) are drying up for the newspapers and magazines. I can’t imagine a world where only SOME sites get money from click-throughs, it would have to be an all or nothing deal to be even remotely legal. Still, this is a creative idea. If it were a little more thought through, so that Google stood to benefit at all and wasn’t just being asked to throw money at content providers, maybe he would have something worth Google’s consideration.


Written by Tyler Baber

February 5, 2009 at 4:30 pm

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