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25 Articles about “25 Random Things About Me”

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From the nail-bitingly fearful to the stories about stories about 25 things about me…

  1.  The Dallas Morning News- Does Facebook Make Us More Honest?
  2. Slate- The 10 Things We Want to Know about “25 Random Things About Me”
  3. Charlotte Facebook fad… Just Too Much Information?
  4. WECT-TV 6, Wilmington, NC- Facebook’s 25 Random Things: handing out info to online predators
  5. ’25 Random Things’ Lists are the Last Vestige of American Literacy
  6. KSFY, SD- New Facebook Trend Growing and Growing
  7. Escapist Magazine, NC- “Viral Gaming” Trend Hits Facebook
  8. Columbus Dispatch- Facebook Fad Gets Personal
  9. Chicago Tribune- A Direct Reply to ’25 Random Things’
  10. USA Today- Facebook Friends shar ’25 things’ with the World
  11. Dallas Morning News (yes, twice in one week)- Millions Reveal Themselves Online with ’25 Random Things’ 
  12. Washington Post- We Never Do Random Until We Have To
  13. MSNBC- 25 Random Things about Facebook
  14. Time- 25 Things I Didn’t Want to Know About You
  15. Stony Brook Independent- Facebook’s 25 Things to Tempting to Pass Up
  16. Sacramento Bee- Jerry Brown Lists ’25 Random Things About Me’ on Facebook
  17. Washington Post Blogs- 25 Random Things, Kitchen Style
  18. 25 Drinks About Me: A Toast to 25 Random Things
  19. 25 Things: The Modern Chain Letter
  20. Have You Heard of this Facebook ’25 Things’ Thing?
  21. San Mateo County Times- I’m Turning the Tables on Facebook’s 25 Things Craze
  22. Honolulu Star Bulletin- My space, my ‘things’: In your face, Facebook!
  23. 25 Random Things about being Gay on Facebook
  24. Star News Online- The Parrot: ’25 Random Things’: The Universal Response
  25. NBC Los Angeles- 25 Things Articles Arriving As Fast as 25 Things Lists

Written by Tyler Baber

February 6, 2009 at 8:03 pm

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